Saturday, April 12, 2008

A journal in the making....

I have been insprired by more than a handful of friends and aquintances to start a pregnancy blog. Our blog will begin at 22 weeks, however I will begin by explaining from the begining of our pregnancy, and how this tiny life has changed so many hearts, including ours. Many of you have requested info on the progress of our tests, ultrasounds, and prognosis of Baby Risser. Until now we have Blogged on myspace. However, many of you do not have access to Myspace, so here it is...:)
Our Journey begins on Monday December 10, 2007. A day "late," and slightly emotional, Drew and I took our weekly routine visit to the Grocery store. A decided to grab a prego test to rule out my baby-fever couldn't be, no, it had taken so many stressful months of trying with our first, how ?? without checking my temperature daily, peeing on an ovulation stick, and marking "smiley faces" on the calander for fertile days, could things happen without even a thought???
God works mysteriously and I believe, in funny ways :) That morning two lines were surprising, but totally, exciting nonetheless! I looked at the clock can I wait until 5:00pm to share this with my hubby??? The hours seemed like days! At 4:55pm I started to watch out the window for him to pull in the neighborhood......agghhhh at last, the roar of the diesel jetta......I totally had Eric sit down for the news, he was utterly excited, shocked and could not stop smiling!!! Next came the hard part, keeping things quiet for 10 weeks.

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